Top 7 Adventure Team Building Activities

Adventure Team Building

Top 7 Adventure Team Building Activities

Whenever the word ‘team building’ is mentioned, our minds automatically associate to its meaning. The main focus in it is the word ‘team’, we start thinking about how a group of individuals can be assimilated into a team and how they can grow and improve by carrying out various activities together.

Amongst others, one of the best ways to establish camaraderie amongst a group is to carry out adventure team building activities collectively. Such activities propagate the importance of group development. They can help in cultivating a deep understanding between a team and its members in order to obtain 100% productivity.

These fun outdoor activities not only help people to enjoy in a team but also build team spirit amongst them. Through it the recipients can learn crucial skills for collaboration and start believing in their teammate’s abilities. The advantages of such activities are numerous and every leader should take an initiative to participate in such team building activities.

To help you make an informed decision we have compiled below a list of top 7 adventure team building activities that will help you bringing out the fun and cooperative side of your group.


Rambo - Human slingshot near Pune-MumbaiRambo sling:

This activity is definitely not for the faint of heart! But you can encourage you team buddies to experience the thrill of it. You will be skyrocketed into the air at the scary speed of 100km/hr. If you or team mates have a thing for fighter pilots, then this activity is perfect for you.

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Zorbing Near Pune-MumbaiZorbing:

This activity is not only fun for the participants but also for the onlookers. In it, you will be stuffed inside a giant double-walled air filled balloon. Do not worry about the space, there is enough space for two individuals to be seated comfortably inside it. Once you have been safely harnessed inside, the joyride begins! You will find yourself rolling and tumbling down a mountain. This is one feeling that can only be experienced and not described in words!

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Military Obstacles Near Pune-MumbaiMilitary obstacles:

This is by far one of the most exciting and effective adventure team building activities. In this activity, you along with your team will be given a taste of what it’s like to serve in the armed forces. A specially designed commando-style military obstacle arena is waiting for you. And you also get to shoot real army men style! This activity will teach your team the importance of discipline, courage and confidence in a fun and adventurous manner.

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Rappelling Near Pune-MumbaiRappelling:

This activity is also popularly referred to as Abseiling. It is basically a technique that is used by professional mountain climbers. In it you will be harnessed from the top of a mountain and you have to use the tools provided to you to climb down. This can prove to be a highly motivating team building activity as it requires a lot of communication and coordination to be carried out in a proper manner.

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Hiking-Trekking Near Pune-MumbaiHiking:

Hiking tops the list when it comes to adventure team building activities! Hiking is a term that is normally used for a long, painstaking walk normally on unexplored trails. This activity is perfect to build understanding and coordination amongst your team and yourself. This activity is offered by many adventure companies out there and you can select one in accordance with your team’s requirements and choices.

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Treasure Hunt Near Pune-MumbaiTreasure hunt:

We have all played this game as kids so why not enjoy it as adults as well? This activity will help you in improving your leadership qualities and also provide your team problem solving tips that will be useful for daily life as well. In this game, the entire team is provided with a list of things that they need to find to reach the ultimate treasure. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?



Paint Ball Near PunePaintball:

Paintball is an entertaining and adventurous activity that can knit your team together. When you participate in it, you can be pretty sure that all your teammates are going to have a gala time! All you need to do is load your guns with paint pellets and destroy the enemy team by shooting them blue, yellow or orange! It will instil the skill of focus and concentration in your team.


These adventure team building activities will definitely garner positive results for your team. Go and explore the adventures with your team!

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