Terms & Conditions

1. All bookings are entered into by “The Client”, with RAR Eco Island LLP hereafter referred to as “The Company.”

2. All bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions, as outlined here, and accepted by The Client on their signing the agreement with The Company.

3. Terms and Conditions

(A) Bookings
Once The Client and The Company have agreed upon a program / trip – with services, dates and prices specified in writing or verbally- the Client should complete and sign the booking / agreement form or confirm in writing.

(B) Payments

Advance should be 100% of total amount per person

Confirmation: On receipt of advance The Clients place on the program will be confirmed.

Balance: Due no later than prior to departure.

Method: By bank transfer, credit card or by cash.

Note: Bank charges will be charged at cost and payment by cost entails 2% extra.

Balance not received by the agreed date: We reserve the right to cancel the booking and the advance will be forfeited – unless The Client specifies another date which The Company accepts.

(C) Cancellation

Trip cancelled by The Company: 
If there are not enough participant for a fixed activity The Client will be offered an alternative activity, at least 1 weeks prior to departure, or receive a full refund – whichever The Client prefers.

The Company is not liable for additional losses incurred by The Client (i.e. connecting flights etc).

Trip cancelled by The Client:
30 days prior to departure no advance is forfeited.
15 days prior to departure advance and 50% of fee is forfeited.
5 days prior to departure 100% forfeited.

(D) Change of Itinerary
By The Company: Will be discussed, if not suitable The Client may cancel, and both deposit and fee will be returned. If The Client does not cancel, any reasonable extra costs will be Bourne by The Company – or on a share cost basis, to be agreed in advance.

By The Client: If feasible this will be done, extra costs will be agreed in advance and invoiced to The Client.


(E) Insurance

The Company reserves the right to cancel any trip where The Client does not have suitable insurance or company will try to get insurance before participating to any adventure activity.

(F) Complaints The Client will inform the group leader, explain the issue to be resolved “in the field”. In the event that action taken is not to The Clients satisfaction, The Client must take direct contact with the Marketing/Operations Manager, and/or The Company director to resolve the issue (verbally or in writing). In the event of the issue still not being resolved to The Clients satisfaction the complaint must be sent in writing to The Company director. – clearing stating the complaint, and if possible a suggested solution to the issue.

In the event of the Client still not being satisfied, the two parties’ should in the first instance agree to a third party arbitrator that is acceptable to both party’s.

The terms and conditions of agreements made shall be subject to, and governed by India jurisdiction.

RAR Eco Island LLP . notes that all tours have a degree of “adventure” in them. Tolerance, understanding and a sense of humor is important. We will at all times try to hold our clients informed about potential problems, dangers, and attempt to avoid all and any extra expenses.

(G) Health & Vaccinations
Ultimately it is your own responsibility to make sure that you are fit enough to join our adventure activities. In line with this, you should have a through medical and dental check up before the trip you also need specific immunizations when visiting some countries and this is explained in the Visitor to leaflet which we send to you when you book. On all of our trips, a comprehensive medical kit is carried. Only first aid kit available at site and doctor available on call.